The street crime rate is increasing. So, your risk of being attacked on the street is high. If you know some simple self-defense moves, you can protect yourself.

1. Walk confidently

According to psychiatrists if you walk confidently then attackers will think twice before approaching you. Attackers look for someone who is frightened. They look out for easy targets. You should walk positively with your head tall, rather than walking with slumped shoulders and looking down.

2. Hit on the shin bone

If you are approached by an attacker, then you should run your heel down the front of his shin bone. It is a bone found in the lower part of the leg. It is a fine bone, and your attackers will feel the pain.

3. Aim for the nose

You can hit the attacker’s nose with your head as hard as possible. The attacker will release you and grab his nose to ease the pain, and so you will get the time to run away.

4. Aim for the throat

You can poke your finger into the attacker’s windpipe. This is the part that is found below Adam’s apple. Press this area with a finger as hard as possible. This will close the air passage and make it hard for the attacker to breathe.

5. Keep your keys handy

You should make it a habit of carrying your keys in one hand. If you are attacked, you can hit the attacker’s cheek with your keys. The natural reaction would be that the attacker will bend down covering his cheek to ease the pain. So, you get the time to escape.

Keep these self-defence tactics in mind. These simple moves can save your life. It will give you the time to escape or call for help.