The outside world is not very safe for us. We should always be prepared for any unexpected attacks. We may be victims of burglary, rape or any other assault. Here are some tips that can help you to protect yourself from these attacks.

Self defense

You should either fight back or ‘play dead.’ This depends on what kind of circumstance you are in. For example, if someone tries to snatch your bag then you should let it go, else you might hurt yourself by holding it back. You should take note of the description of the attacker and notify the police. But if you someone is trying to rape you then you should fight back.


When you are attacked by someone, yell and scream as loud as you can so that someone can hear you. Even if you know that there is no one around, the attacker will get scared and run off.


You can buy a personal attack alarm. There are many types of alarms available. These are small enough to be kept in the pocket or clip it to your belt. They are battery-operated alarms that go off when someone attacks you. Someone may come to rescue, or you get the time to run away when the alarm goes off.


You may not be allowed to carry guns or knives with you, but you can use other things like keys, hairsprays or rings as your weapon. You can use these to hit the attacker.

The law allows you to defend yourself to prevent crime. You should find out from law enforcement websites about what you can do and what you cannot when someone attacks you.  But you should remember that you must fight only when it is necessary. Face this kind of situation with confidence.